Historic Sites of Brick Township
New Jersey
by Gene Donatiello 1997

621 Herbertsville Road

By the turn of the nineteenth century, Quakers became more numerous in the Herbertsville area. In 1848, the Quakers were holding meetings in the area of 20th Avenue. This area came to be called “Meeting House Hill”. Meetings were moved to the Herbertsville school about 1858. Methodist ministers visited the people of this area to gain converts. In 1830, a church was formed and, in 1875, the church was constructed at its present location. About 1890 a parsonage was built across Herbertsville Road.

1581 Burrsville Road

Built about 1810, this quaint farmhouse, with its brick lined-walls (nogging), frequently served as a meeting place for the township committee when Richard Burr was a member in the 1850’s. A small one-room outbuilding contains an iron stove and served as a summer kitchen. The burr family was known for its operation of the iron forge at Forge Pond.

Camp Osborne Aerial View 
Curtis & Dutchman Point 

Laurelton Farm


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